Hanover Historical Review, 2021 上市 Deposited

Foreword, J. Michael Raley and Anthony Miller, Managing Editors -- Spartan Military Dominance: Helot Suppression and the Integration of Children into a Militaristic Society, Josh Jones -- Popular Sovereignty and Political Unrest: The Instability of Power and Leadership during the French Revolution 1789–1799, Rachel Pinnick -- The Pilgrimage of Grace: A Crusade for the One True Faith of England, James Moll -- “Hail Mary, Full of Grace”: The Mother of the Messiah’s Role in the Tudor Reformation, Katarina Rexing -- Elizabeth I’s Power and Influence Perpetuated by her Speech, Mary Isola -- From Reviled to Revered: The U.S. Constitution, Bradley Hancock -- Tzedakah: The Indianapolis Jewish Community and Civil Rights Movement, Maddy Shelton -- The Early History of the Civil Rights Movement (1900–1950), Terry Hart -- A Day in the Life of Hanover College Students, Faculty, and Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020–21

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