Volume 13 上市 Deposited

Hanover Historical Review, 2018



Daniel P. Murphy and J. Michael Raley, "Foreword" -- Jordan Kennedy, "Women’s Rights in Ancient Rome: From Republic to Empire" -- Alex Kitchel, "The Ciompi Revolt of 1378: Socio-Political Constraints and Economic Demands of Workers in Renaissance Florence" -- Daniel Johnson, "New Monarchy Economics: Power Centralization in York and Tudor England (1461 – 1509)" -- Elizabeth Donaway, "The French Connection: How the French Wars of Religion Dismantled Two Dynasties and Sowed the Seeds of Representative Government in England" -- Will Werner-Wilson, "The Looming Specter of Death: The Town of Madison and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919" -- Natalie Williamson, "Why Her? Adolf Hitler’s Attraction to Eva Braun" -- Caroline H. Brunner, "The Higher Segregation: A Brief Look at African American Identity at Hanover College in the Mid-Twentieth Century" -- "The First World War Era Letters of the Rogers Family"

Remembering “The Lutheran Reformation: 500 Years Later Symposium” at Hanover College Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, October 31, 1517—October 31, 2017 -- J. Michael Raley, "Introduction" -- Abigail Estes, "Martin Luther and the Priesthood of All Believers: The Foundation of Reform and Spark of Revolution" -- Payton Fergus, "Martin Luther’s Treatise On Usury: The Effect of Materialism on Spirituality" -- Madison Grimes, "Martin Luther’s Uphill Battle: A Fight Against One’s Own Intelligence" -- Rebekah Jones, "Martin Luther, Faith, and the Reformation of the Church" -- Emma Kate McMurtry, "His Body, His Blood, and Our Baptism: Martin Luther’s True Sacraments" -- Rebecca Thorpe, "Calling to the German Nobility: Why the Church Needs Reforming" -- Nicholas Vaughn, "Martin Luther on Secular Authority: The Powers of Princes versus the Obligations of Subjects"

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