Hanover Historical Review, 2020 Public Deposited

Volume 15

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Daniel P. Murphy and J. Michael Raley, "Foreword" -- Cleo R. Mills, "The Consequences of the Christian Conversion of Constantine: Favoritism, Conflict, and Heresy" -- Meghan Lanter, "La Reconquista: The First, the Last, and the Most Successful Constellation of Crusades" -- Katarina M. Rexing, “Pagan Ritual, Witchcraft, and Heresy: Transformation from the Early to High Middle Ages: ca. 500-ca. 1300 A.D” -- Malkia A. Wakuika, “Dr. Denis Mukwege: Addressing the Nightmare of Sexual Violence against Congolese Women” --Nicholas Vaughn, “Preparing for Greatness: Abraham Lincoln’s Failed Term in Congress”

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